02 Nov 2016

The Watershed Wildlife Protection will be making a presentation on Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 1:00 pm

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Public Welcome

Watershed Wildfire Protection Group
Public Outreach Meeting

Hosted by Public Lands Partnership 
Thursday 3 November 2016, 1:00 pm
Pioneer Room, Montrose County Fairgrounds

The Watershed Wildlife Protection will be making a presentation on Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 1:00 pm at the Pioneer Room, located at the Montrose County Fairground.  

The Watershed Wildfire Protection Group (WWPG) is a diverse group of watershed stakeholders including water providers; federal, local, and state management agencies; non-profit groups; and private industry in Colorado. Their meetings are held quarterly on the Front Range; annually they do an outreach meeting to a West Slope location. WWPG’s mission is to promote healthy watersheds by facilitating education and awareness; and facilitating prioritization, implementation, and monitoring for people and wildlife (Fish & Aquatics, for the West, Mammals, Next Generation, Public, Re-creationists, and Rivers & Streams). The focus of the outreach meeting is to provide information on the background and origins of the WWPG, explain the wildfire watershed assessment process, and engage Public Land Partnership group and its members in areas of potential mutual benefit. Richard M. Edwards, CF, Assistant Staff Forester, Forest Management Division, Colorado State Forest Service will present along with Brad Piehl, High Country Forest Collaborative.

For more information please contact, Chris Miller, PLP Coordinator @ 970-640-7076.

Chris Miller, Coordinator

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