07 Sep 2016

SBEADMR Meeting, Thursday, September 15th, 1pm Pioneer Room, Montrose County Fairgrounds

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Please plan to attend the SBEADMR Working group Meeting on Thursday, September 15, 1-4 PM. Pioneer Room, Montrose County Fairgrounds.

Tent: Agenda

  • Update on August 18thField trip
  • Notes from the  January  7, 2016 meeting

  Item # 3 – Subcommittee Report on recommendation for a Collaborative Adaptive Management Group (AMG)

  • Highlighted points of the proposed framework:
  • Purpose/Mission: The purpose of an Adaptive Management Group (AMG) would emerge from the final Record of Decision: All members of the AMG would have to agree to the purpose.
  • People:  Groups should represent diverse interests, i.e local elected officials, water users, timer industry, recreation, conservation community, geographically important stakeholders, and wildlife.
  • Process:  The proposed framework recommends a consensus based decision making process.  Consensus is defined as decisions that all parties can support, at a minimum, agree to live with.  It details how to reach consensus and recommends specific protocol if the AMG cannot reach consensus.

  Item #4 – What’s next??

  • What is the desired Future for SBEADMR Working Group?
  • The proposed AMG would not evolve until the Final ROD was released and there is a SBEADMR project to move forward.
  • In the long term, it was suggested that there might not be an active role for SWG group.  The AMG could emerge from the SWG as the collaborative group to provide more of the technical review and input during implementation. Figure 1 of Appendix E outlines opportunities for stakeholders or public at large to be engaged at various points in the process.  It was also noted that members of the SWG may wish to represent their interest on the AMG and/or the SWG might serve as a “pool” for resources for the AMG.


Members of the Collaborative sub-committee are:  Craig Grother; recreation, Emily Hornbeck; WCC, Nancy Fishering; timber industry, Jonathan Greenspan; citizen-at-large; Mary Chapman; local citizen, Susan Hansen, SWG Facilitator and Chris Miller, PLP coordinator.

For more information call Chris Miller, 970-640-7076

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