SBEADMR Adaptive Management Group (AMG) 2017


Spruce Beetle Epedemic Aspen Decline Management Response (SBEADMR)

SBEADMR – Copy of  Record of Decision (ROD96623_FSPLT3_3802025SBEADMR ROD

Descriptions and maps of the 2018 treatments are available online at:  

Meeting Number 1

Tuesday, April 4,  2017
12 noon – 3 pm
Montrose County Fairground

Meeting Notes from April 4, 2017 – 20170406AMG Mtg Notes (4)

Meeting Number 2

Thursday, June 22, 2017
12 noon – 3 pm
Montrose County Fairground
Black Canyon Room, upstairs meeting room

Click on the following link for the Meeting AGENDA  –  20170622AMG Agenda[final]

Meeting notes from June 22, 2017 – 20170622AMGMtgNotes[final draft] (2)

Highlights of the meeting were: 

  • Update from the Science Team on current monitoring and research efforts
  • Report from Clay Speas on status of SBEADMR implementation
  • Review and approval of the draft Memorandum of Understanding for the AMG members and the Operations Manual (both documents posted on PLP website noted above)
  • Establishment of an AMG  Monitoring Committee

Additional documents click on the link...

Copy of MOU approved by the AMG for signature –  AMG MOU[final]

AMG Operations Manual  Version 1.0 AMG Operations Manual -[final]

SBEADMR Adaptive Management Group –  list of approved members  – SBEADMR AMG Approved 2017 (1)

“Mark Your Calendar” – future meetings

Wednesday, 12/13/17 – SBEADMR AMG Monitoring Committee
Thursday, January 4, 2018:  Adaptive Management Group Meeting – The next meeting of the full AMG is tentatively scheduled for January 4, 2018 from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM in the Pioneer Room at Montrose County Fairgrounds.  Date and location will be confirmed shortly and posted on the PLP SBEADMR website.  One of the purposes of the meeting is to enable the AMG to meet with the Forest Leadership Team and Science Team to learn about proposed out-year treatments that will be shared at the annual public SBEADMR workshop scheduled in February, 2018.
Monday, February 12, 2018:  Annual Public SBEADMR Workshop – to be held in Montrose, Colorado.  Time and location of the annual workshop will be finalized shortly.

Note: Please stay tuned for confirmation of location, time and agenda.

AMG Monitoring Committee
A Monitoring Committee of the AMG was appointed at the 6/22/2017. Hilary Cooper, Mary Chapman, Nancy Fishering, Chris Jauhola,
Tony Cheng and Clay Speas volunteered to serve on the committee. 

The specific tasks before the Monitoring Committee are to:

   1) Develop a framework for communication between the Science Team, AMG, Monitoring
       Committee and Forest Leadership Team.

   2) Identify indicators for monitoring the three areas identified by the full AMG, namely:

  • project implementation and monitoring

  •  socio-economic impacts of the projects,

  • and the collaborative adaptive management approach, and

   3) Develop a management system to track and report the finding and results of monitoring
 research efforts over the life of the SBEADMR project.

The Monitoring Committee met in August and October and will meet again in December.  The Committee will report back to the full AMG membership in January, 2018. Minutes of the Monitoring Committee will be posted on the PLP website. 

PLP SBEADMR AMG Newsletter Vol One 2017

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