Uncompahgre Partnership


The PLP was instrumental in initiating the UP and still serves as one of the UP partners. The goal of the UP is to develop a collaborative approach to restore and maintain the ecosystem health and natural functions of the landscape, using best available science and community input. The PLP assists in offering a forum for community involvement in UP efforts.

In 1998, biologists at the CDOW became increasingly concerned about the declining mule deer populations on the Plateau. USFS and BLM officers were at the same time aware of the decrease in overall ecosystem health. At the same time, the PLP started concentrating their efforts on the Plateau as well, eventually becoming an UP key partner. The PLP effectively tied together the other members through active public involvement and brought much local and political support to this effort. In 2001, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the USFS, BLM, CDOW and PLP formalizing the UP Project.

The UP partners realized they needed to work together, across agency boundaries, with private land owners, and address the management needs of the Plateau as a unit. From the very beginning, this alliance has striven to involve the broader public and land users in the process of effectively evaluating the ecological needs of the land while simultaneously addressing and considering the community’s social and economic concerns. Since then, many field trips, public meetings and on the ground projects have taken place.

To learn more about the UP, visit their site at: www.westerncolc.org/