2015 Monitoring Units – Mike Battaglia Battaglia_RMRS_Monitoring_English_units (1)  

2015 Field Season Summary – CSU Biogeography Lab (Sibold) – sbeadmr_field_work_summary_Sibold

GIS Optimization –gmug gis optimization working group (2) (2)

Jake Ivan 2013-14 – Colorado Parks and Wildlife –Ivan 2013-14 Annual Report Beetle Kill Final

Position statement developed by Association for Fire Ecology, International Association of Wildland Fire and The Nature Conservancy – Reduce-Wildfire-Risk-16-April-2015-Final

A Review put out by Calkin et al. Forest Ecosystem  – Calkinetal2015_NegativeConsequencesWildfireMgmt_ForestEcosystem

Aerial Survey Shows Spruce Beetle Activity Escalating, Mountain Pine Beetle Declining GOLDEN, CO.
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RWEACT is a community group that was formed to address general concerns regarding public safety and environmental health concerns after the West Fork and Papoose Fires.
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West Fork Complex  -(BAER)  Burned Area Emergency Response – West Fork Fire BAER Process

Final BAER Report on the West Fork Complex West Fork Fire BAER Report

National Climate Assessment –

2012 Report on the Health of Colorado’s Forest


SBEADMR_Workshop 8.19.14announcement

Public Science Workshop-RSVP by August 12, 2014

August 19 2014 Science Workshop Agenda

SBEADMR Science Meeting TAKEAWAYS 19 Aug 2014

SBEADMR Science Meeting  Key Findings 08.19.14

Climate Change on the GMUG: Aspen & Spruce Jim Worral

Community Biomass Handbook Volume I: Thermal Wood Energy  

Spruce Beetle on the GMUG Tom Eager

Basic Science & Analysis Assumptions Adam Shaw & Ali Reiner

2014. Worrall and Marchetti. Sudden Aspen Decline Report for Spruce Beetle Epidemic and Aspen Decline Management Response EIS

2014. Worrall and Marchetti. Climate Change Projections for Picea engelmannii Report for Spruce Beetle Epidemic and Aspen Decline …

JSibold testimony Subcommittee on Public Lands & Environmental Regulations 2013

rev 2013Nov15 Shepard and Smith Applied  Silvicultural Assessment

2014. Jenkins et al. Spruce Beetle Biology, Ecology and Management in the Rocky Mountains An Addendum to Spruce Beetle in the Rockies

Reducing Wildfire Risk to Communities

Socioeconomic analysis tools

Spruce Beetle in the Rockies