Response to Scoping and Pre Draft EIS (letters from various groups)

Response to Scoping (letters from various groups) commenting on the  SBEADMR Project Draft Document as described in the Scoping Letter (SL) dated July 29, 2013 and in the Federal Register Notice of July 31, 2013 (45 Fed Reg 46312 et seq.)   The following letters have been archived for your convenience.

Conservation Community letter to the GMUG SBEADMR 11.3.14

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Response SBEADMR 8-14

Conservation  Organizations Scoping Response SBEADMR 8-13

Birtcher,Norm Montrose Forrest ProductsEIS comments

CTIA GMUG Beetle scoping letter 2013

Response to  Pre Draft EIS

SBEADMR  Pre Draft  EIS COMMENTS FINAL  Feb 2015 Conservation Community 

Pre Draft Comments Timber Industry Feb 2015 Final

SBEADMR Pre Draft EIS comments_Feb 2015 WCC FINAL

Chapman SBEADMR pre-draft eis

Montrose Forest Products pre Draft  EIS comments