Community Campground Workgroup

The PLP formed a Community Campground/Recreation Solutions Workgroup in coordination with the US Forest Service to address emerging recreation issues on the GMUG National Forests. In 2006, the GMUG announced that the combination of large facility maintenance backlogs and current budget limitations was forcing the potential, permanent closure of 49 of its 138 recreation areas. A large proportion of the GMUG’s recreation facilities are old and do not meet current standards and, therefore, are too costly to maintain. Two of the facilities slated to be decommissioned are the Columbine and Iron Springs campgrounds on the Uncompahgre Plateau. Although these facilities may be in need of improvements, they are meaningful recreation sites for the communities surrounding the GMUG.


The workgroup consists of representatives from the USFS, community members and interest groups such as grazing permittees and off road vehicle club members. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join the workgroup. This initiative could serve as a successful model for the USFS and other communities struggling with issues related to recreational facilities on public lands.

Short Term Goals

In response to the threat of campground closures, the PLP formed a collaborative workgroup with the USFS to prevent the immediate closure of the Columbine and Iron Springs campgrounds.

This past summer, the workgroup held two campground workdays at the Iron Springs and Columbine campgrounds. With all of our great volunteer help, we were able to complete all the needed repairs and have some fun while we were at it! The Eatery in Delta graciously donated lunch for our 31 volunteers on June 2nd. To read more about our efforts, click here for a Montrose Daily Press article: campground_workday.

Click here to download a copy of the 2007 Visitor Use Monitor for the Uncompahgre Plateau: user_survey