23 Nov 2015

Next SBEADMR Meeting – Thursday, January 7th, 1-4 pm, Pioneer Room

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The Next SBEADMR  Working Group Meeting is Thursday, January 7th, 1-4 pm, Pioneer Room, Montrose County Fairgrounds.

AGENDA : Draft Agenda – SBEADMR 01-07-16 (1)

Spruce Beetle Epidemic and Aspen Decline Management Response (SBEADMR)

Welcome and Introductions – Susan Hansen, Facilitator

Item No. 1:         Review of What Has Changed Between DEIS and FEIS – Forest Service staff

Item No. 2:         Review of Revisions to Appendix E – Public Engagement in Adaptive Implementation
                             1.Additional Opportunities for Stakeholder Input in Adaptive Management Cycle – Subcommittee Members
                             2. Revisions to Appendix E – Forest staff

 Item No. 3:        Subcommittee Report on Recommendations for a Collaborative Adaptive          Management Group – Subcommittee Members

 Item No. 4:         What Next???
                             1.Release of FEIS/draft ROD
                             2.What is Desired Future for SBEADMR Working Group?
Notes from the previous SBEADMR Meeting: 20151029 Working Group Notes (1)

Non-Agenda Items

Closing Comments and Adjourn 


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