09 Apr 2015

Improving the Health of our Landscapes:

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Public land Partnership (PLP)
Winter Lecture Series -UnderstandingOur Natural Resources
Improving the Health of our Landscapes: Combating Noxious Weeds & Restoring Native Plant Communities
April 9, 2015
7:00 PM -8:00 PM
Montrose Regional Library District @
320 S 2nd Street, Montrose

The UP Native Plant Program works to provide federal and state agencies with seeds of native species to use in landscape-scale restoration efforts.Seed from the region can significantly improve restoration success by preserving genetic diversity and ensuring that the plants used in re-vegetation projects are adapted for local conditions.
The Noxious Weed Management Program facilitates cooperation among public land managers, local counties, land owners and the public to prevent and combat noxious weed infestations, improving wildlife habitat, natural ecosystems and recreational experiences. The Western Colorado Landscape Collaborative was formed in 2001 to initiate programs and projects to improve the health of our natural lands.

Come learn how you can become involved! info@upartnership.org

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