How We Operate

Red Mountain - Public Lands Partnership

The Public Lands Partnership (PLP) is an informal organization consisting of committed and energized city and county officials, citizens, and representatives from a variety of local interests – ie. logging, ranching, recreation and conservation. All PLP members (including the directors of our work-groups) work on a volunteer basis.

A facilitated annual meeting is held each spring to review goals and to identify desired outcomes for the year.

The PLP hosts quarterly meetings on the afternoon of the first Thursday of that month. The intent of these meetings are to:

  • Identify and discuss on-going and/or emerging issues that fall with the scope of our mission.
  • Provide a forum to discuss issues relating to our public lands and to leverage a unified voice on issues when appropriate.
  • Assign new issues to a working group to research and find solutions to.
  • Update the broad PLP membership of the accomplishments of individual working groups.
  • On a quarterly basis, receive updates from public land management offices on new public lands issues.

We rely on our local governments to provide our basic operating funds. In the year 2000, a companion organization, Unc/Com., Inc., was created as a 501-c-3.

Unc/Com, Inc. administers grants and  funds related to  PLP projects and activities and is considered the fiscal agent for Public Lands Partnership..

The leadership and day-to-day management of PLP activities comes from a (15) persons committee appointed by the existing Executive Committee membership or participating county governments as applicable.  EC members shall serve staggered three (3) year terms.  All members shall be residents of Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray or San Miguel Counties.  The Executive Committee is made up of committed community leaders who donate their time to serve on our board. Composition of membership – In order to assure necessary diversity on the EC, membership shall be comprised of representatives, one member from each of Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale,  Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel County Governments. One member representing timber and/or forest products industry. One member representing the agricultural and or ranching community. One member representing mining and/or energy industry. Two (2) members representing environmental advocacy organizations.  These members shall not be from the same organization. Two (2) members representing Public Land Users groups. These members shall not be from the same organizations.  Two (2) “at-large” members representing the general citizenry of the participating counties.  The following are  current  Executive Committee members,

  • Mary Chapman – “at-large”
  • Hilary Cooper- San Miguel County, Co-chair
  • Cindy Dozier – Hinsdale County
  • Ralph Files – Recreation
  • Jeremy Fox –  Energy
  • Jim Free – “at-large”
  • Andy Goldman – Environmental
  • Enno Heuscher – Environmental, Co-chair
  • Jonathan Houck – Gunnison County
  • Robbie LeValley – Delta County
  • Mark Roeber – Ag/Ranching
  • Ben Tisdel – Ouray County
  • Jon Waschbusch-  Montrose County
  • Vacant – Public Land Users
  • Vacant – Timber
  • Judy Ann Files – City of Montrose


The Public Lands Partnership “PLP” is dedicated to influencing the management of public lands through collaborative processes that benefit the local economies and environments of west central Colorado.  The general functions and activities of the PLP shall be over seen by an appointed Executive Committee “EC” appointed by the existing Executive Committee. In order to operate in an efficient, consistent and equitable manner, the “EC” has set forth bylaws which shall serve as the guiding documents for “EC” actions.

Please click on the following link for a copy of the PLP’s bylaws:   PLP EC Bylaws Revision March 8,2018