28 Apr 2015

Come see the “Forest through the Trees”… Beetle kill and Forest Ecology – Monday, May 4th, 6PM

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Come see the “Forest through the Trees”…
Beetlekill and Forest Ecology
Monday, May 4th at 6:00 pm
Wilkerson Public Library, Telluride, Co
Click on the link for more information…http://www.telluridelibrary.org/event/beetlekill-and-forest-ecology/
Sponsored by:
Public Lands Partnership
San Miguel County
Wilkinson Public Library
Come see the forest through the trees. Learn more about the current conditions of our forests, the latest forest ecology research as it relates to the natural disturbance of the beetle and find out more about the Spruce Beetle Epidemic Aspen Decline Management Response, our regional USFS’s response to forest health.
Presentation will include:
  • Big League Disturbance, a short film about spruce beetle on the Rio Grande NF
  • The latest research from Dr. Jason Sibold from CSU on forest ecology and disturbance.
  • Up to date regional beetle infestation data from Nicole Hackman, USFS Forester
  • Panel discussion with Art Goodtimes, San Miguel County Commissioner, Dr. Jason Sibold, CSU and Nicole Hackman, USFS Forester hosted by Hilary Cooper.
Things are not always are not always as they seem.
Join us for this informative and FREE discussion.
Please plan to attend…
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