05 Oct 2014

Agenda – SBEADMR Project Work Group Ocotber 9th

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SBEADMR Work Group

Kick-off Meeting
Thursday, October 9th
1-3 pm
Pioneer Room, Montrose County Fairgrounds

AGENDA (Tentative)

Spruce Beetle Epidemic and Aspen Decline Management Response (SBEADMR)


Kick-off meeting will be facilitated by Susan Hansen

• Discuss the role and expectations of the SBEADMR working group
• Review the SBEADMR project with specifics on the outcomes and comments from public meetings and a recent science symposium and field trip
• Participate in an exercise to write objectives that will clarify the purpose of the project and will be clear on the sidebars that are in the Notice of Intent for this project
• Identify project related issues that may need further explanation and scientific input to achieve community and civic learning and therefore gain community trust
• Identify and develop opportunities to collaboratively engage the public in the adaptive management aspects of the implementation
• Discuss future meeting logistics, i.e. frequency, location, time, facilitation, etc.

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